STEEMIT Introduction: Ways To Build An Audience and Make Money

I have posted a few videos I have made from my channel on various ICOs and crypto news, but today I am starting a series on STEEM. My first video is a general overview with a few tips on how to gain viewership on the platform.

Videos I plan to make are:

  1. The differences in currency and why you should hold each coin.
  2. An in-depth look at the economy of STEEMIT.
  3. Top 10 Ways to increase your value on STEEMIT.
  4. Booster Programs and why you may want to consider using them for financial purposes.
  5. Top communities on the STEEMIT Platform.

I have more ideas, but these are a few that I think may be essential for newcomers (like myself). I had to go to multiple sources to try and understand the inner workings of the blockchain. My goal is to help inform content creators on the platform, but also bring new people into the community.

I am rather new to Youtube and making videos, so I apologize for some rough patches (cough the beginning of the video cough)…


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