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I am avid reader and writer. I yearn to learn and to help others. I want to live life abundantly and on purpose.

PokerSports: Revolutionizing How DFS Is Played

They combine the passion of sports and the strategy of poker to give the player an exhilarating experience.

Hade Token ICO is Live (Update) Hello Steemians and MyCryptoverse! I made a youtube video that was highlighting an upcoming ICO called Hade. This post is just to update the information on that ICO and give a few links! First of all, the ICO is live for the Pre-Sale and they upped their incentive to get involved. When I made ...

STEEMIT Introduction: Ways To Build An Audience and Make Money

I have posted a few videos I have made from my channel on various ICOs and crypto news, but today I am starting a series on STEEM. My first video is a general overview with a few tips on how to gain viewership on the platform. Videos I plan to make are: The differences ...


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Coinbase: How and Why You Should Use It

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